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After my dad passed away in May 2021, we came home to our large commercial freezer having quit working in the two weeks we were gone. We lost thousands of dollars of fruit and other supplies. I decided right then and there, I couldn’t keep going on with the business. My dad was my biggest cheerleader when it came to my creativity in the kitchen. I started baking for him when I was 7 years old. I would make him cinnamon rolls and he always told me they were so terrible I needed to make him more so he could taste them again. I spent years working on my recipe to make them better and better for him. Of course, he always loved anything I made for him, but Cinnamon Rolls were our thing. When the holidays rolled around, I realized I missed being at the bakery and not that I missed Cinnamon Rolls, but I missed the creativity I feel when I am there.

We are short staffed because our adult children have followed their chosen career paths which is exactly what we want them to do. I’ve put a lot of thought into how we are going to work being open and offer delivery without the staffing we had before. The solution is we will be available on Door Dash for deliveries. As most people know items do cost more on Door Dash and it is like that for us as well. You will be able to order Rolls, Full Cheesecakes, Jams, and Cheesecakes by the slice on Door Dash. The great part for our customers is that they will be available for you within the normal Door Dash time frame.


I am working on getting this all set up and it will be available Tuesday thru Saturday from 1-6 and will be starting January 6th.

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