1023 Broadway Longview, Washington
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SeMe Family Foods

Offering Taste Adventures Since 2015

About Us

SeMe Family Foods is a company born from the love created by Sean, Melissa, and their children. They are a large blended family who, like their products, are fun, quirky, and unique.

Melissa had been creating unique Jam and Jellies in the Midwest and selling them at Farmers Markets for a few years before meeting Sean. While before meeting Melissa, Sean had made traditional pepper jelly in the Pacific Northwest. Sean thought traditional was the way to go until he tasted Melissa's combinations. Then, he realized that maybe they needed to not only get married but go into business together. So, shortly before getting married they decided to create SeMe Family Foods; blending their names like they were blending their family.

Melissa works in their WSDA Licensed Kitchen to create the flavors. She works with their children to help them learn the secrets of Jam, Jelly, Syrup, and Sauce making. She teaches them the ins and outs of blending flavors, balancing acids, and how to create a shelf stable product. She also teaches their children the art of baking the amazing breads that are now available online. ​

Sean who is a Navy Veteran works Monday through Friday traveling the country doing Food Safety Inspections. Food Safety is a huge focus for SeMe Family Foods because that’s what Sean teaches to large food manufacturers. He also has a Degree in Public Relations which makes him exceptional at going out and being the driving push behind growing their family business. He works hard at all the Farmers Markets, Holiday Bazaars, and Special Events we do.

Anywhere you see Sean or Melissa you will see one or more of their children working alongside of them. Their children get to learn how to talk to customers, add up sales, and make change. Their nine children have a chance to learn a strong work ethic and business skills by participating with them in this family business.

They are teaching their children valuable lessons by growing their business with zero debt and only at a pace their hard work will allow them to. They have seen too many businesses fail due to high debt-to-income ratios and want to teach their children good financial management.

Any product that you buy with one of their children's names on it, 10% of that product's purchase price goes into a savings account towards their college education. Above and beyond that, each of their children do get paid for their hard work, and it goes straight into savings accounts for them to access when they have made a weighted decision on what they want to purchase. This has allowed their oldest son to at just 15, to buy two classic Volkswagen Beetles to restore with his dad. It also allowed a daughter to buy the needed equipment to pursue a hobby in photography.

We as a family are so proud of our products and hope you give them a try. Look at our Find us Page to see where we will be or order here and we will ship it to you.