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What Do I Do With This Stuff?

Thumbprint Cookies

Many of our Jams are fantastic for these classic cookies. Personal favorites are Betty, Kentucky Breakfast, Aarons All American and Getting Caught in the Rain.

Chicken Wings

Wildthing, En Fuego, Hot Dad, Ivy, Uncle Dan's, Emma's Hot Stuff, and Concocted are all great wing sauces. Ivy and BRB are not spicy and give a unique flavor.

Goat Cheese Logo.png
Pair our Jams with Cheese

Try pairing our BRB, Uncle Dan's, or Ivy with a fantastic Chevre from a local creamery.

Jam Squares.jpg
Jam Squares

We love this recipe for Jam Squares. Our favorite Jams to use are Happy, Oops I Did It Again, Getting Caught In The Rain, Betty, and Unrighteous Dominion.

Finishing Sauce on Meat

Add Roasted, Ivy, Uncle Dan's, Wildthing, BRB, Hot Dad, En Fuego, or Concocted to your meats while they finish cooking. They will caramelize adding fantastic flavor.

Sometimes we end up with bread leftover
Yeah, Toast!

That is our Cinnamon Sourdough as French toast, we like to use the Spice Up Your Life Butter and the Kentucky Breakfast Syrup.  

Cake Filling

Another one of our favorite uses for our Jams is a cake filling. Click on the picture, and it will take you to my favorite white cake recipe. It is a great base for any of the Jams.


Crackers, Cream Cheese, and Pepper Jelly. It's a super simple and tasty appetizer. Uncle Dan's, Emma's Hot Stuff, Hot Dad, Wildthing, and En Fuego are all great!


Our Uncle Dan's is a fabulous dip for egg rolls, spring rolls, or anything else you want more unique than sweet and sour sauce for.


We make syrup too! You can find almost all of our flavors as a Syrup for your pancakes, waffles, French toast, or desserts.

Ice Cream Toppings

We love to use our jams as toppings on our ice cream. Aaron's All American gives you an apple pie flavor with no crust, which is our 9-year-old's favorite. Betty syrup makes killer sundaes.

Garlic and Cheddar Sourdough fresh out o

Our Sourdough is perfect for dipping in flavored vinegars and oil. It's one of our favorite ways to enjoy our bread.

Smoked Salmon.jpg
Smoked Fish

One of our customers brought us some salmon he smoked using our Ivy. Let's just say we are hooked! Wildthing is excellent if you want more spice.


We love our compound butters on steak, we smother them and then sear that buttery flavor into the meat. It is our favorite way to make steak.


Yes! Sandwiches, but sandwiches at a whole new level. Try our BRB with turkey and goat cheese. You can try Roasted with roast beef and munster. Our kids love our Challah bread grilled PB&J's using any of our sweet jams.


This is another idea from our fantastic customers. One of our customers mixes Ivy into their burger meat. Another one glazes their burgers with Uncle Dan's before taking them off the grill for an extra flavor boost. Roasted is another favorite for the grill. This one we have customers mix into store-bought BBQ sauce for an extra flavor boost. It works wonders!