Christmas Deliveries

Enjoy a special delivery of a 4 pack of Cinnamon Rolls by the Grinch or Santa, your delivery will include the cinnamon rolls, time for pictures and Santa may bring a candy cane. Can't promise the Grinch will.......he has been known to eat the treats he was supposed to deliver. We do our best to stick to the time you select but due to the time it can take to deliver up in the hills and come back into town we can run 10 mins late at times. We are doing our best this year to not run as late as we did last year. Your 25.00 Dollar Package comes with one 4 pack of cinnamon rolls, if you want to add more. After you book the package, click on Christmas Preorders & Character Add Ons. Then purchase your Cinnamon Rolls, Cheesecakes and Bake at Home Rolls are not Eligible for add ons.