Cheesecake by the Slice

Cheesecake by the Slice


Pick any of our cheesecakes by the slice to enjoy by yourself or try a variety of them, each slice is one 12th of a cheesecake. They are large slices and could be shared.


New York, our Classic New York

Lush Lemon, our Lemon Filling with a lemon cookie crust

Oreo is just that, Oreo

Pecan Pie, Pecan crust, Pecan filling and pecans on top

Mint Cookie, mint cookie crust with more cookies mixed in.

BIscoff Cookie Butter, Biscoff cookie crust, cookie butter in the middle and more on top.

Dinner Mint, mint cookie crust and Andes mints mixed in.

Fudge Brownie, Fudge brownie crust, and a thick layer of fudge on top.

Peppermint Bark, Oreo crust with peppermint bark throught out and on top.

Pumpkin, its pumpkin cheesecake.

Candy Cane, pepermint cheesecake with candy cane pieces mixed through out.


Gluten Free, we use our orginal New York Style filling and a house made Gluten Free Brownie Crust. We top it off with rich fudge.


Sugar Free and Gluten Free, We use Monk Fruit Sweetner to replace the sugar and almond and coconut flours in the crust.