Sourdough Breads

Sourdough Breads


We have two of our own sourdough starters: Frank, who has been with us the longest, and Jill, who is a little younger. We use them for different breads depending on what flavor we are looking for.


We do not make rustic sourdough; these are soft loaves of bread. We use a different technique of making bread that gives you a soft inside and a chewy soft crust.


Classic Sourdough

We make this with Jill. She gives you a nice sourdough flavor.


Garlic and Herb

We use Jill for this and add pureed garlic, so the flavor is throughout the bread. We then add basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. We love to pair this with a big bowl of soup


Garlic and Cheddar

We turn to Frank and again use the pureed garlic. This time, we add sharp cheddar cheese and our signature herbed cheese topping. This is a family favorite for garlic toast.








Net Wt. 1 lb 4 oz