Wildthing is an Apricot and Habenero Jam, the Apricots give it the sweet and Habenros give it the heat. We toss in a few Jalapenos and red pepper flakes for some color. As we make everything else its small batch made.


You can get this in a thinner sauce consistency for use as a finishing glaze on meats or something as simple as a wing sauce. The thicker Jam set is better to use when eating with cream cheese and crackers.


Granulated Sugar, Apricots, Habaneros, Bell Peppers, Red Pepper Flake, Jalapeno, Vinegar, Pectin (Sucrose, Pectin, Citric Acid)



Small (4 oz) - $7.00

Large (12 oz) - $12.00

Sauce (11 oz) - $12.00